Success factors and ELSI aspects of biotextile innovation for a societal transition to the bioeconomy.


Nov 30, 2019


Nov 29, 2021

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The transition of society as a whole to a bio-based economy is accompanied by fundamental changes in the technical, economic and social environment and accordingly requires a broad consensus from science, business, society and politics. This is where the concept of the accompanying research project in the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space comes in, by examining the development, production and circular usage of bio-based textiles as well as the overall societal transition process towards a functioning bioeconomy and its success factors on several research levels (sociological, economic geography, legal and business management).

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Specifically, TransitionLab aims to research, design and promote innovation and knowledge transfer, innovation culture, optimised framework conditions and aspects of technology acceptance and usability for an overall societal, bioeconomic transformation from the perspectives of the disciplines involved, considering ethical, social and legal aspects (ELSI).

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The accompanying research of BIOTEXFUTURE has the goal, from the perspectives of sociology, economic geography, jurisprudence, business administration and companies.

The TransitionLab has the objective to investigate ethical, social and legal aspects (ELSI), Innovation and knowledge transfer (SP 1,2,3,5), innovation culture (SP 2,3), optimised framework conditions (SP 3,4,5) and aspects of technology acceptance and usability (SP 2) for an overall societal, bio-economic change. The specific entrepreneurial approach to consumer behaviour and brand-oriented social media communication will be contributed by adidas AG (SP6). For this purpose, these results will be integrated into the design of the innovation space and used to deepen and expand it (SP 7).

The necessary communication and coordination structures for interdisciplinary exchange will be established for this purpose in the TransitionLab and the other project networks of the Innovation Space (SP 7).

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