TransitionLab2 Insights Event 22 #4🌱 📢

Network Perspectives on Bioeconomy

Our 4th TransitionLab2 Insights event on biomaterials and the bioeconomy was held on June 24, 2022.

This time researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen, Heidelberg University and RWTH Aachen University shared their report ‘Network Perspectives on Bioeconomy’.

The insight session explored what we can learn about the relations of stakeholders in the bioeconomy, when applying three different forms of network analysis and perspectives:

  1. The bioeconomy as a research collaboration landscape and a network of organizations collaborating. We will learn about where actors work together on research topics and compare some central actors that receive most of the funding overall or within specific research topics.

  2. The bioeconomy as a technology development landscape, where organizations apply for patents to secure their innovations. We will learn which fields of innovation are thriving and where companies focus their attention.

  3. Finally, the bioeconomy as a domain of communication on social media platforms where we will learn how stakeholders and topics are related through posts and messages. We will learn who the key actors of the bioeconomy are and what they speak about.

Learn more and watch the 15-minute presentation here and download the full report below.

2022_4_Network perspectives on the bioeconomy Insight Report 4
Download PDF • 11.98MB

In our upcoming Insights Session #5, we will share the results of the Biopolymer Report of University Heidelberg. The report builds on a patent landscape covering 174,813 patent families related to the development and use of 16 biopolymers to investigate innovation trends, major markets and key players.

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