TransitionLab2 Insights Event 22 #2 🌱 📢

The second TransitionLab2 Insights Session 2022 on biomaterials and the bioeconomy was held on April 8, 2022.

This time, Prof. Daniel Baier (University Bayreuth) shared the key learnings of the latest report on “Communication strategies for biopolymer-based products”. He and his team have carefully designed six online-experiments with large samples of consumers. The experiments reflect sneaker purchases under varying communication strategies.

The results show:

  1. Directly addressing consumers emotionally increases purchases.

  2. Sustainability aspects that refer to what consumers feel responsible for (e.g. end-of-life) are perceived as more important than sustainability efforts in manufacturing.

  3. Visualizing advantages through images or animations increases purchases of biopolymer-based products

  4. Purchases of biopolymer-based sneakers decrease when functional disadvantages are communicated.

Watch the 15-minute presentation here and download the full report below.

Download PDF • 1.39MB

In our next Insights Sessions, we will share the results of the quantitative study "Consumer perception of biomaterials".

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