TransitionLab2 Insights Event 22 #1🌱 📢

The first TransitionLab2 Insights event on biomaterials and the bioeconomy was held on March 4, 2022. Our guest speakers Sarah Johnson and Arabella James from The Akin shared five key learnings and their implications from the qual. study “The Cultural Expectations of Bio-Based Materials”.

In this study, 18 in-depth interviews were conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the cultural trends and perspectives that explain the potential changes and opportunities in the textile industry.

Five key findings:

1 – Low materials literacy and limited knowledge, causing scepticism towards any material industry and innovation

2 – The current system is broken and is associated with environmental degradation, social inequalities and resource depletion

3 – Overall there is frustration with the lack of accountability for all brands across all industries

4 – Material performance is paramount - regardless of its sourcing

5 – The knowledge of industry wide problems and potential solutions is high

In our upcoming Insights Sessions, we will share the results of quant's "Consumer perception of biomaterials" study, as well as insights from online experiments on the purchasing behaviour of bio-based sneakers.

Watch the 15-minute presentation here and download the full report below.

Qual Study - The Cultural Opportunities for Bio-Based Materials (Report No. 7)
Download PDF • 28.35MB

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