TransitionLab – Update and First Year Reflection

Network Analysis of the Bioeconomy and Student Projects at Uni Bayreuth and RWTH Aachen University

Network Analysis of the Bioeconomy

In the first year the teams at University of Heidelberg and RWTH Aachen University conducted multiple network analyses of the Bioeconomy research field to identify crucial partners, technologies and knowledge clusters. Data from patents and different funding bodies (like EU, DFG and BMBF) were collected to create a visualization of the network between organizations, research topics and technologies of relevance for the Bioeconomy.

These networks can help to identify new partners, key research and technology areas or possible bottlenecks. The TransitionLab will use these networks in close interaction with the existing innovation projects to validate the results and to open up new pathways for future innovation.

Student Projects on Sustainable Consumption (Bayreuth) and on Transforming Textile Consumption (Aachen)

The TransitionLab also conducted several student projects in Bayreuth and Aachen, aiming towards a better understanding of sustainable consumption by employing different survey and experimental instruments on the one hand and experimenting with communication activities to try out transforming the behaviour of certain actors on the other hand. These ongoing projects will provide the basis for more advanced approaches to relevant topics on how public perceptions of products, materials and processes will impact the innovations in BIOTEXFUTURE. Therefore, the student projects will increase awareness and impact for topics and innovations from BIOTEXFUTURE and help to build community-structures for changing textile consumption.

TransitionLab Insight Reports – First report published!

To achieve a broad dissemination of our results, we have launched a report series at the 12th of March, where the first report has been presented to the BIOTEXFUTURE members, followed by a short Q & A.

New reports will be continuously published. The place and time will be announced on this website in the news section as well as our LinkedIn Group. These reports will inform about insights from literature reviews, interview studies, data analysis, experiments, student projects and labs.


The TransitionLab project partners would like to thank the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) for funding the research project as part of the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space.


Dr. Marco Schmitt

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