TransitionLab 2 - New project started

The project TransitionLab 2 has received a positive grant notice and started its work. Led by RWTH Aachen University, Heidelberg University, Bayreuth University, University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Symanto Psychology AI and adidas the purpose of TransitionLab is to understand and promote the crucial factors required for the successful transition towards a bioeconomic textile industry.

Thus, TransitionLab aims to research, design and promote innovation and knowledge transfer, innovation culture, optimised framework conditions and aspects of technology acceptance and usability for an overall societal, bioeconomic transformation from the perspectives of the disciplines involved, considering ethical, social, communicative and legal aspects (ELSI). TransitionLab strives to advance the hitherto rudimentarily implemented study of socio-economic aspects of the transition to a bioeconomy in the context of collaborative technology-based research.

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