Project Management Office started

The Project Mangagement Office (PMO) is jointly led by adidas AG and RWTH Aachen University (ITA/STO) and picked up working on BIOTEXFUTURE.

To coordinate the numerous members of the innovation space and the sub-projects, as well as to manage the entire innovation space, a core team composed of science and industry is necessary. The Project Mangagement Office (PMO) is jointly led by adidas AG and RWTH Aachen University (ITA/STO). The responsibilities of the PMO range from operational support (e.g. project management tools) to setting the strategic direction of BIOTEXFUTURE (in collaboration with the Steering Committee). The PMO is also responsible for the membership application process of interested organisations that are not yet a member of BIOTEXFUTURE.

It is aim of the PMO to ensure regular exchange between the BIOTEXFUTURE members in order to create optimal framework conditions for synergies between the various sub-projects and to transfer these into new innovation projects through close interlinking of the project partners. The PMO team will work closely with the sub-project leaders, the partners within the sub-projects and BTF members to identify potential for the utilisation of project results and to develop scenarios for their utilisation. Therefore, the PMO is also responsible for publishing new calls for project proposals.

Another aim is public relations work, which is intended to ensure and maximise the visibility and external impact of BIOTEXFUTURE in science, business, politics and society. In order to improve the visibility of the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space and the results of the sub-projects in the public, the PMO carries out public relations work. The public relations work includes traditional media, digital media and communication via social networks. In addition to publications, the PMO also coordinates and coordinates the joint participation of the project partners in conferences and trade fair events.

Let's drive the change and work on a biobased textile industry!

The Project Leads of the BIOTEXFUTURE sub-projects are regularly (monthly) asked about the status of the sub-projects in order to be able to recognise at an early stage if sub-projects need support or if results emerge that are relevant for other sub-projects. At the same time, this serves to check whether all sub-projects are on schedule.

The BIOTEXFUTURE members and applicants are assisted by the PMO in initiating new sub-projects. Furthermore, the PMO supports project applicants in the search for new partners.

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