Behind the Project BioBase

Fibers and textiles are used in the four key textile industries of technical textiles, sports textiles, automotive, and interiors. In 2019, global fiber production amounted to more than 120 million tons. Of these, 73 % belong to man-made fibers, which are produced based on natural or synthetic polymers (plastics). A central problem in the production of man-made fibers based on synthetic polymers is the dependence on fossil raw materials, which are subject to various ecological and, in the long term, due to their finiteness, also economic and political risks. Polymers based on renewable raw materials can be an alternative.

What lies behind BioBase, that aims to establish bio-based polymers in the textile industry and demonstrate their full potential will tell us Amrei Becker (ITA RWTH) and Fabian Langensiepen (AMIBM) in today’s interview.

Full Interview - BioBase
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