DegraTex - New project has started

The project DegraTex has officially received the grant notice and has started. Led by the Institut für Textiltechnik DegraTex focuses on biobased, high-performance geo-textiles with defined degradability. Key features are defined through protection of erorion as well as reinforcement of earthworks and protection of vegetation. The potential within DegraTex is that current geotextiles are generally based on polymers of petrochemical origin, such as PET and PP which can be exchanged with bio-based materials. Ideally the biobased polymers should be fully degradeable which eliminates problems such as enrichment of micro-plastic as well as collection and separation. While degradation is a key feature the ecological impact should not be neglected. The demonstrators will provide evidence that degradation will not lead to any toxic sideproducts that might contaminate vegetation and earthworks.

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