BIOTEXFUTURE presented to Aachen citizens

Last week, the first event took place at the OecherLab of the city of Aachen. Organized by the TransitionLab, in close coordination with the PMO, BIOTEXFUTURE was presented to the Aachen public.

The OecherLab is a space where new ideas can be developed and tested. Citizens, researchers from industry and science, politics and administration can exchange creative ideas and participate in a so called “Real Labor”.

The vision of BIOTEXFUTURE is the conversion of the textile value chain from petroleum- to bio-based. This conversion is not only based on technical innovations, but also on social and economic factors.

The discussion round exhibited great interest of all parties involved. The “Real Labor” in the OecherLab offers the possibility to let a dialogue take place to work on solutions together. In addition to the dialogue, there will also be the possibility to interact with demonstrators from BIOTEXFUTURE in the future. Tryouts and testing is a chance to directly participate in the development of new innovations for sustainable textiles.

The next BIOTEXFUTURE event at OecherLab is already scheduled.

Sustainable biotechnologies? – Citizen-Science dialogue on sustainable textile finishing based on peptides.

16.06.2021 6-8 PM

The transformation into a sustainable bioeconomy depends on the successful exploration of biotechnologies that allow replacing toxic or other non-sustainable materials. At the same time, however, biotechnologies also raise fears and concerns. We want to initiate a dialogue between citizens and science on this topic, to facilitate easily understandable steps on the process to a specific biotechnological innovation, thus offering the possibility to make informed decisions and to search together for ways to reduce fears and strengthen sustainability. For this purpose, the BioCoat project from the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space will present its research on bio-based coating of textiles in individual steps and discuss it with the interested public. The aim is to work collaboratively on the possible positive scenarios and their conditions in order to strengthen sustainable innovation.

You can register here.

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