BIOTEXFUTURE presented at 8. PIUS Länderkonferenz

Climate change is already having an impact. The urgency to act has therefore not diminished during the pandemic. The efficient use of available resources is of great importance. As a result, companies can reduce materials, energy and costs. This goes hand in hand with a reduction of harmful CO2 emissions and thus a contribution to climate protection.

Current approaches from research and industry were presented at the 8. PIUS Länderkonferenz, which was opened by the Hessian Minister of Economics, Tarek Al-Wazir.

A survey of the 450 registered participants showed that, in addition to individual plenary contributions, the workshops in particular were the main reason for many to attend the conference.

BIOTEXFUTURE was represented in a workshop together with the bioeconomy innovation spaces BioBall and NewFoodSystems, which are also funded by the BMBF. The innovation spaces were supported in the workshop by the Biogene Werkstatt®. The central questions of the workshop were:

  • What challenges do we face in implementation?

  • What are the strengths of the bioeconomy and the innovation space?

  • What can the innovation spaces contribute to resource efficiency and environmental protection for production?

The workshop showed that networking and interdisciplinary collaboration are important for establishing a sustainable economy. The knowledge gap between research, industry, society and politics needs to be overcome. In order to make the transition to a biobased economy, a structural change in society as a whole is necessary. The innovation spaces create innovation-friendly and sustainable research and development platforms for achieving a knowledge-based and internationally competitive bioeconomy.

Further information on the 8. PIUS Länderkonferenzcan be found here.

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