4th TransitionLab Insight Event

The 4th TransitionLab Insight Event (October 29, 2021) on "NETWORKS IN THE BIOECONOMY" was hosted by Dr. Marco Schmitt, Christoph Heckwolf (both RWTH Aachen University) and Jakob Hoffmann (Unversity of Heidelberg) and featured a 15-minute talk about the research and patent networks in the Bioeconomy and how to use them for trend and partner identification. For this purpose, a database from a variety of research and patent data-sets, as well as a dashboard to interact with and visualize the data were created.

The key takeaway messages (see the final report link here and the recording of the presentation link here) can be summarized in the following way:

  • Research and patent data give important insights on technological trends through resource allocation over time

  • Network data shows promising partners involved in co-developing technologies (for example companies holding patents on bio-based fibers from different feedstocks)

  • Network data also shows bridging technologies, that are used in multiple lines of research (for example bio-reactors)

  • Algae Use Case: Research on Algae is distributed over a variety of fields more or less interconnected (food, cosmetics, medicine, fibers) and with a low TR-Level for developing textiles

  • Combining network views and expert views enhances both approaches

We want to call especially on our members to utilize the dashboard and get into contact with us to get the most out of these rich data sources!

The TransitionLab Insight Event Series will continue to share results regarding the social environment for innovations across the textile value-chain and thereby help to spark new ideas and broaden perspectives on societal issues associated with bio-based products across BIOTEXFUTURE.

Insights_Bioeconomy Networks_BTF_Report_4
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