2nd TransitionLab Synergy Workshop on Demonstrator Model Discussions hosted on the 5th of April 2022

The development of tangible demonstrators out of our technical innovation projects in BIOTEXFUTURE is key element to make our vision a success. It is also vital to reach a wider public and specific target audiences. The 2nd TransitionLab Synergy Workshop on Demonstrator Model Discussions was focused on giving the projects feedback on tangible demonstrator models usable for the innovation fair on the BIOTEXFUTURE Member Day on the 19th of May. All BIOTEXFUTURE projects are now set up to produce a demonstrator for the fair and uses beyond and also had the opportunity to formulate requirements and needs for their booth on the fair to showcase their innovations in the best possible way. The synergy workshop environment enables an intensive interaction and collaborative work on the demonstrators to set them up for success.

This was the second important step in demonstrator development and the TransitionLab will further support each project to get their demonstrators ready for the event. Finally, the demonstrators developed in this process will be shared at the BIOTEXFUTURE Member Day on May 19, 2022, where the Members of BIOTEXFUTURE, the Steering Committee and the Advisory Board will give their feedback and discuss with the projects.

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