2nd TransitionLab Insight Event (6th of August 2021)

The 2nd TransitionLab Insight Event was hosted by Prof. Dr. Daniel Baier (University of Bayreuth) and Dr. Timm Wagner (adidas) and featured a 15-minute talk about the results from the five most interesting student project results on consumer perceptions regarding biopolymer-based garments from the fall semester 2020/21 at the University of Bayreuth. All studies employed different methodologies and looked at diverse factors shaping consumer perceptions. The talk presented key takeaways from these studies for the BIOTEXFUTURE members and was followed by a lively 15-minute discussion with a variety of stakeholders from companies, research institutes and universities.

The key takeaway messages (see the final report link here and the recording of the presentation link here) can be summarized in the following way:

  • When purchasing biopolymer-based garments, established brands do not have a ‘brand advantage’

  • If the price is not too high, the main purchase barrier for consumers is their current lack of knowledge

  • When product descriptions about environmental facts are lacking, consumers are most likely to become dissatisfied

  • A corporate sustainability label can enhance purchase intention for biopolymer-based textiles

  • A very promising incentive for consumers to return their used clothing is when brands donate to charity

Especially the results concerning labels and how to incentivize consumers to return their clothes produced discussion points, as well as the possible problems associated with the diverse methods used by the students. The TransitionLab Insight Event Series will continue to share results regarding the social environment for innovations across the textile value-chain and therby help to spark new ideas and broaden perspectives on societal issues associated with bio-based products across BIOTEXFUTURE.

Biopolymer garments - 5 consumer studies_BTF Report No. 2 (July 2021)
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