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Networking Event

We want to collaborate with the best partners to maximize BIOTEXFUTURE’s chances to create the best possible bioeconomic solutions for the textile industry. We are ongoingly uniting our community as well as organizations, individuals, forward thinkers, change makers, and innovators sharing our vision in our biyearly open BIOTEXFUTURE forum. We believe


Collaboration needs trust,
A common cause needs understanding,
A research community needs a strong network.


We are looking forward to welcome you during the next event!


Do you want to rewatch an event or read through the slides that have been presented by the keynote speakers? 

 Click Here - 4th BIOTEXFUTURE Forum


  • Webinar series by the four innovation spaces
    Multiple Dates
    Wed, Jan 26
    All four BMBF funded bioeconomy innovation spaces cordially invite you to inspiring keynotes from distinguished experts of the innovation spaces on their projects and innovations followed by a networking opportunity.


  • BIOTEXFUTURE - Idea Management Workshop
    Tue, Nov 23
    You already have an idea, but need (a) partner(s)? You have competencies that match our current call, but need an idea? Join the BIOTEXFUTURE Idea Management Workshop on 23 November 2021 from 1 pm to 5 pm!
  • BIOTEXFUTURE Member Day 2021
    Thu, Oct 21
    Online Event
    Take part in the second members-only BIOTEXFUTURE Member Day. This day is intended to act as a booster to accelerate the ideation process of new innovative projects, hold discussions on critical topics, and increase your network within the bounds of the BIOTEXFUTURE innovation space.
  • 4th BIOTEXFUTURE Forum 2021
    Wed, Oct 20
    Online Event
    The BTF Forum is conceived as an open platform for industry, science, media and politics for acceleration of ideas and networks. You can expect interesting updates from the innovation space, keynotes and the chance to actively join the discussions all around CO2-Reduction in the textile industry.
  • 3rd BIOTEXFUTURE Forum 2021
    Tue, Jul 06
    Online Event
    Join us in our next virtual edition of the BIOTEXFUTURE Forum! ​ After two successful events in 2020, we are happy to be back. We would like to invite you as a participant to the digital Forum of the BMBF innovation space BIOTEXFUTURE happening in the afternoon of the 6th of July 2021.
  • 2nd BIOTEXFUTURE Forum 2020
    Tue, Oct 27
    Online Event
    Due to the Corona crisis, the BTF Forum will unfortunately not be able to take place in the knownandappreciated face-to-face conference format. However, there needs to be a change in the textile world towards more sustainable biobasedvalue chains.